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Corporate Litigation


It’s no secret that any kind of commercial dispute or corporate litigation process can have a hugely detrimental impact on businesses of all sizes. Corporate litigation forces businesses to channel resources toward a lengthy conflict resolution process. In doing so, a business immediate profitability and security is often directly affected, this and any potential for future growth and expansion.

Corporate litigation includes any type of legal proceeding having anything to do with a business or corporation, and can include steps taken to avoid litigation as well as actually litigating and managing business disputes. In general, corporate litigation involves a whole host of tort and contract issues.

Certain examples of Corporate Litigation:

  • Securing agreement on wage, work hours and anti-discrimination laws
  • Protecting firms against illegal termination suits
  • Ensuring compliance with fresh accounting and corporate governance laws
  • Contesting or negotiating claims
  • Maintaining corporate tax agreement
  • Resolving labor disagreements with workforces as well as with employees and professionals
  • Violation of contract issues, mostly with other companies, whether supporting or suing
  • Tort matters, where a buyer or consumer sustains damage either from the product or the services offered
  • Corporate land issues, premises liability to disputes with landlords or regulators

Top Three Corporate Litigation:

Deceptive or Fraud Practices
Employer and Employee Disputes
Violation of Contract

Our Services under Corporate Litigation includes:

Advising and assisting in Shareholders disputes
Drafting/Vetting Petition/Reply/Rejoinder/Application
Drafting/Vetting Shareholders Agreement (SHA), Share Purchase Agreement (SPA), Joint Venture Agreement (JVA)
Appearance before NCLT, ROC, RD, RBI,OL

Why you Might need a Corporate Litigation Lawyer

Corporate Litigation is a different bet than most other types of lawsuit. Corporate litigation is not just about one business suing another. It also includes legal proceedings having anything to do with a firm or corporation, and include measures taken to avoid litigation as well as litigating and managing business disputes. Of course, we can also represent your company in regard to a wide variety of other matters. Much more importantly, we have several years experience representing our clients at all court levels.


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