What is Securities Law/ Capital Market Law?

Securities law (or Capital Markets law) is the group of laws and regulations that govern the issuance of securities. A security is a financial instrument usually designed to raise money for a business from investors in the business. Securities law dictates what a corporation has to do in order to offer their investment to the public. The laws exist in order to make sure that public investments are fair to everyone who might invest in the company.

What is Security?

A security is a financial investment. Usually, a corporation offers a security in order to raise capital for their business. A stock is an example of a security. Bonds, mortgages and loan packages may also be securities. Securities are a way of financing a business enterprise or making an investment in a business.

Why compliance of Securities Law necessary?

Ongoing disclosures by listed companies are being increasingly scrutinised by regulators, stock exchanges and market participants to see if timely and accurate disclosures of all material information are being made by the listed entity. Accordingly, it is important for companies to ensure that developments in their businesses translate to appropriate regulatory disclosures.

What is the listing of Securities?

Listing means the admission of securities of a company to trading on a stock exchange. It becomes necessary when a public limited company desires to issue shares or debentures to the public. When securities are listed in a stock exchange, the company has to comply with the requirements of the exchange.

Advantages of listing?

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– Listing Compliances.

– Legal Secretarial due diligence process and Compliances related to Rights Issue, Bonus Issue, Preferential Issue, QIPs, ESOS/ ESOP for listed Companies.

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– Listing of Securities at BSE / NSE

– De-listing Solutions.

– Revocation of suspension of trading.

– De-materialization of Shares.

– Buy Back of Securities for Listed Company

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