Scheduled Banks’ Statement of Position in India as on Friday, July 03, 2020

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Scheduled Banks’ Statement of Position in India as on Friday, July 03, 2020

(Amount in Crore of ₹)
(Including RRBs and SFBs)
5-Jul-19 19-JUN-2020 *03-JUL-2020 *5-Jul-1919-JUN-2020 *03-JUL-2020 *
 a) Demand & Time deposits from bks.176264.01248891.9244008.71181104.4254141.08249121.19 **
 b) Borrowings from banks70730.2257419.9655601.1570915.357419.9755608.53
 c) Other demand & time liabilities11235.9416653.9715387.851136816815.0215550.28
 a) Deposits (other than from banks)12675270.3613867127.4814075184.813013480.9414284327.9814494118.05
 i) Demand1313332.451452440.11510532.771344666.951487968.831546448.96
 ii) Time11361937.9112414687.4312564652.0211668813.9912796359.212947669.09
 b) Borrowings @351376.74286868.95285663.42354776.79291225.66289805.97
 c) Other demand & time liabilities500573.39519503.2510140.95509415.9532458.12523172.59
IIIBORROWINGS FROM R.B.I. (B)34305290757285586.8634305290757285586.86
 Against usance bills and / or prom. Notes0  0  
VBALANCES WITH R.B.I. (B)509969.34451363.4441783.55523124.77463980.12454305.5
 a) Balances with other banks      
 i) In current accounts16011.4417245.2313795.4518462.7719330.3315744.22
 ii) In other accounts222245.24153837.26154645.86242632.25187480.2188448.42
 b) Money at call & short notice18658.0416637.7416791.4134147.0842860.2342698.93
 c) Advances to banks(i.e. due from bks.)26958.8624076.0722554.8830186.8625309.5223597.79 £
 d) Other assets3789047993.2943237.3144804.4554503.7849537.15
VIIINVESTMENTS (At book value)3545635.594142397.134218390.143637527.74265363.934343171.74
 a) Central & State Govt. securities+3542326.474141325.494217503.473628389.934257396.724335361.81
 b) Other approved securities3309.121071.63886.689137.777967.27809.94
VIIIBANK CREDIT (Excluding Inter Bank Advance)9697433.6110247763.1710291610.829982599.3410579820.0320543781.28
 a) Loans, cash credits & Overdrafts $9475835.7110062882.7710101267.229756732.3710392954.9520350677.35
 b) Inland Bills purchased25922.1121444.6221944.0726992.5221718.6323042.8
 c) Inland Bills discounted137464.51124947.47126277.04139763.3125948.41127247.45
 d) Foreign Bills purchased23590.0114287.461669323900.7714504.9316954.02
 e) Foreign Bills discounted34621.2724200.8125429.5435210.3924693.0725859.71
*Provisional figures incorporated in respect of such banks as have not been able to submit final figures.
(A)Demand and Time Liabilities do not include borrowings of any Scheduled State Co-operative Bank from State Government and any reserve fund deposits maintained with such banks by any co-operative society within the areas of operation of such banks.
**This excludes deposits of Co-operative Banks with Scheduled State Co-operative Banks. These are included under item II (a).
@Other than from Reserve Bank, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development and Export Import Bank of India.
(B)The figures relating to Scheduled Commercial Banks’ Borrowings in India from Reserve Bank and balances with Reserve Bank are those shown in the statement of affairs of the Reserve Bank. Borrowings against usance bills and/ or promissory notes are under Section 17(4)(c) of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. Following a change in the accounting practise for LAF transactions with effect from July 11, 2014, as per the recommendations of Malegam Committee formed to review the Format of Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Account of the Bank, the transactions in case of Repo/ Term Repo/MSF are reflected under “Borrowings from RBI”.
£This excludes advances granted by Scheduled State Co-operative Banks to Co-operative banks. These are included under item VIII (a).
+Includes Treasury Bills, Treasury Deposits, Treasury Savings Certificates and postal obligations.
$Includes advances granted by Scheduled Commercial Banks and State Co-operative Banks to Public Food Procurement Agencies (viz. Food Corporation of India, State Government and their agencies under the Food consortium).

Food Credit Outstanding as on
(₹ in Crore)
Scheduled Commercial Banks70768.7889288.9985886.44
State Co-operative Banks27033.530406.2630405.39

The expression ‘ Banking System ‘ or ‘ Banks ‘ means the banks and any other financial institution referred to in sub-clauses (i) to (vi) of clause (d) of the explanation below Section 42(1) of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.

No. of Scheduled Commercial Banks as on Current Fortnight:134

Ajit Prasad

Press Release: 2020-2021/76